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Bidding Announcement for Pallet Procurement Project

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Bidding Announcement for Pallet Procurement Project

According to the Bidding Management Measures of Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd., the Implementation Rules of Suzhou Baoxing Bidding Procurement Management, the Review Rules of Suzhou Baoxing Material Procurement and Labor Outsourcing Management, etc., it is proposed to invite bids for the pallet project.

Bidders require the following qualifications to bid:

1. A copy or scanned copy of the business license information with a unified credit code after the three certificates are integrated;

2. The business scope must include: packaging materials and other related scope;

3. Bidders who are not legal entities must have a letter of authorization from the legal entity.

According to the requirements of institutional norms, relevant materials will be submitted to the Party Mass Commission for Discipline Inspection or supervisory personnel for preliminary review and evaluation in the near future.

Suzhou Baoxing Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. Comprehensive Management Department

August 23, 2021

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